Monthly Update — October 2020

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4 min readNov 9, 2020

Welcome to the October 2020 update from the Interactr Development team.

These updates are to keep our users in the loop with what changes have been made, what is being worked on, and some sneak peek screenshots of future updates in the pipeline.

Everyone in the team has been focused on the 2.0 update all of this month so that’s the only thing I’m going to talk about today.

I really wanted this ready for testing by the end of October but we’re still a few weeks away I think.

Here are some of the key features we’ve been working on this month:


So we have finally got some images to show you of the new survey feature. How this will work is quite simple. Any clickable element can be set to save all clicks as the answer to a survey question. This allows you to use text and image elements to create questions and answers (one question per node) and you just tick which elements we should treat as a survey response. (see sample response 1 & 2 below)

Once you have done this your responses will be collected on the Surveys page for the project as seen below:

The feature is not 100% complete yet we may make some changes based on our beta group feedback.

New Support Widget

We’ve added in the help scout support widget to make it much easier for users to view our help docs and submit support tickets. This can be accessed by clicking on support in the left sidebar

Element Action Previews

To make it easier when selecting the popup or node to open / goto in the actions of an element we’ve implemented a preview function. This gives you a preview of the selected node / popup underneath where it’s been selected.

Facebook Events

We’ve updated our app to allow you to manually configure your Facebook events. You can fire them whenever an element is clicked, shown, or submitted (if an email element). You can even use the Trigger Element to fire a Facebook pixel at a set amount of seconds into the project, for example whenever a user has watched 10 seconds of the project.

Simply select to send an event to Facebook when the element is shown or clicked in the element actions. Our new event creator popup shows you a list of all the supported pixel events and also allows you to create a custom pixel event.

The next steps for this feature will be to allow users to connect a Facebook ad account and automatically add users to an audience here but that is beyond the scope of the 2.0 update.

New Player Settings Page

We have also completely reworked the player settings page to make it all more simple and intuitive. The different settings are now broken down into sections so it's easier to change the look and feel of your player.

Media Library Updates

The final update I want to talk about this month is the revamp of the media library. We’ve updated the filters and added in the ability to replace a media source video or image. You can also see the total views for each of your videos as a new stat here.

Wrap Up

As you can see from all the screenshots we’ve been busy this month. The other account pages and agency pages have now been rebuilt in the new design and we’ve only got 2 parts of the app to complete before we can allow in some beta testers.

Firstly the node editor still needs finishing off and also the composer still needs some tidying up but that’s all.

Hopefully, we can get this all done in the next few weeks and get some beta testers in asap.

Any feedback or questions you can get in touch with us via the Interactr User’s Facebook group or through our help center below:



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