Monthly Update — July 2020

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5 min readAug 14, 2020

Welcome to our third edition of the development team update for July 2020.

These updates are to keep our users in the loop with what changes have been made, what is being worked on, and some sneak peek screenshots of future updates in the pipeline.

First off I’d like to apologize to our users for this month's update being two weeks late. We’re in the middle of the summer holiday season so last month we had one of our developers on holiday for two weeks and I (Chris) was on holiday with my family for the last week of July.

Unfortunately, I managed to dislocate my elbow whilst on holiday in Chester so I’ve spent the last three weeks in a cast and unable to type. The cast is off now and I’m back to work, although wrist and elbow are still sore.

Luckily, it’s healing pretty well.

FullScreen Update

So let’s start with the good news.

We now have a working version of the fullscreen player and it’s currently going through the testing process. I’ve told the team not to wait for 2.0 to be ready for this update as it’s only changes to the player, so we will look at getting it live ASAP.

Fullscreen API is supported on Andriod and all desktop browsers but still not on iOS. Wirewax (one of the leaders in interactive video) allow fullscreen if the device your using supports it, so we’ve decided to follow that approach.

I would still like to find a workaround for iOS but in the meantime, we’re going to get support for everything else live.

2.0 Update

Myself being away from my keyboard for the last 3 weeks hasn’t been ideal and the target for 2.0 being ready for testing this month has now been pushed back to the end of September.

In July we were working on updating the timeline area on the Node Editor.

Here’s a list of the updates we made to Node Editor this month:

  • Made the playhead move much smoother when the video is playing
  • Clicking on the grey video timeline bar will move the video to that time
  • Added icons and smoother moving to the edges of the timeline bars
  • Added a new checkbox to set the item to show when the video ends which also disables the timeline bar.
  • Moved the element name outside of the timeline bar so we can still see the name when the bar is really small.

We’ve also been making changes to the ‘add projects’ page.

We’re currently working on an Agency Club ‘calendar view’ so users can easily see what they get each month from our agency club license.

We’re still working on the design but you can see from the image above exactly what will be in this new view.

We’ve also been working on ‘project dimensions’ so we can now have square video projects.

The last thing for us to iron out now is handling modals and interaction layers that will be a priority over the next few weeks. So hopefully, we can be ready for testing by the end of September.


Here’s a full list of all changes made to the app in July:

  • Fixed height issue on the media library
  • Fixed https typo on the whitelabel project sharing page
  • Removed evolution mention for sub users on agency
  • Fixed updating timings when interaction in group
  • Fixed/prevent time-out before time-in
  • Fixed interaction editor not reflecting group timeline
  • Fixed agency not resolving if input with wrong casing in DB
  • Fixed interaction updating previously selected bug
  • Remove interactr mention in YouZign help text
  • Remove dead code in time input
  • Fixed name not being included in custom list bug
  • Fixed color picker overlayed and refactor it
  • Fixed initial fetch hanging
  • Remove interactr mention from embedding code
  • Clean nodes fetching handling, modals processing from here was a bug
  • Fixed issue updating element group
  • Add element groups to player data
  • Fixed issue with updating project thumbnail when start node changes
  • Fixed custom lists not adding the name to emails list
  • Fixed element groups getting messed up after node save
  • Remove modals and children from nodes fetching
  • Fixed use element groups for timing when relevant
  • Fixed wrapper script used twice
  • Fixed wrapper code firing before all iframes loaded
  • Fixed element groups not available from BE
  • Fixed dev-mode style
  • Fixed notifications not showing up
  • Clear inputs after succesful form submit on player
  • Remove interactr mention in wrapper code and add new class name
  • Update with new timer sound url
  • Fixed form not reflecting node editor when on multiple lines
  • Add margin fix when input not on one line for email element

Wrap Up

That’s all for this month — it wasn’t the most productive month, as mentioned before we had one developer off for two weeks and my dislocated elbow took me out of action for the last three weeks.

Any feedback or questions you can get in touch with us via the Interactr User’s Facebook group or through our help center:



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